Opunake Cottage Rest Home

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Frequently Asked Questions  

As the caregiver at home for my family member, I am feeling really stressed, can I have a break?
Yes, you can bring your loved one in to stay to let you have a break.  Contact the Cottage and see if their stay can be subsidised.


How can I get meals on wheels, do I need to qualify? 
No, contact the Cottage and request the meals, and a pathway will be organised.


How can my family member, make the rest home familiar and comfortable? 
You may bring smaller items of your furniture and we welcome, photos and mementos that can easily be displayed in your room.


Am I allowed to bring my pet? 
Phone the Cottage and discuss your pet’s requirements and see if they will fit into the Cottage lifestyle.


What are the Visiting Hours? 
Because we are a small family orientated, facility and we know our residents and their families intermittently, visiting can be arranged to be around the clock or as required. 

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Do we need more rooms at OCRH?

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